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TPM-SM/D Serial
Description: This series of equipment is designed for printing Wet Film (PSM),and it can also be used for the general PCB printing, such as etch resist, electroplating resist and legend applications.
1.         The standard machine TPM-SM/D is a semi-automatic machine. Loading/unloading the substrates by hand. While the 3/4 automatic machine TPM-SM/D/C is set with the discharge conveying belt. After printing, the PCB will be sent to the next process automatically via the conveying belt.
2.         The machine is set with the Multiple Squeegee System with double peel-off function, and the standard printing mode(printing-flood coating).The printing times can be set according to the printing requirement. The peel-off angle and speed can be adjusted.
3.         The X/Y/Z Table Shifting System with the scope 0-10mm.The X/Y/Z Table Shifting movement is programmable according to the printing job requirement. With the offset of the table, the ink will be avoided to be printed on the same hole area and prevent the ink built up at the under side of the screen.
4.         With the ink absorption function, it is easy for cleaning the screen.
5.         The control console is the advanced TOUCH PANEL SCREEN, pre-programmable with storage upto 20 sets of programmes, easy retrievable for any repeated jobs.
6.         The printing carriage is guided on the double parallel high precision Linear Motion Guide supplied by “Bosch Rexroth” from Germany, instead of the two pillars. And the printing carriage is driven by the “ABB” motor from the USA together with the “Panasonic” frequency inverter from Japan. All of these make the machine free from any vibration, guarantee the highest printing repeatability.
7.         Motor-driven vertical screen lifting system to prevent any unnecessary ink flow on the screen, small volume of ink can be printed, registration and clean very easily.
8.         The printing table is facilitated with X-Y-Z fine pitch registration adjustment with self-locking system, easy for registration. And the surface of the printing table is made from the stainless steel, avoid to be scratched and deformed. The flatness of the printing table is within ±0.03mm,ensure the printed patterns to be more uniform and clear.
9.         The printing stroke and sub-frame are variable adjustable and different sizes of printing frames are acceptable.
10.      The snap-off distance adjustment is done through the patented ball screw system with direct scale reading, and self-locking. Quick and easy with precision adjustment is the key feature of the machine.
11.      The air pump(750W) apply the brand that from Taiwan, the vacuuming action is controlled by the valve and the air cylinder. And the machine is also set with the function of vacuum ,make the registration more accurate and easier.
12.      In order to improve the quality and the reliability of the machine, all of the important spare parts apply the famous brand that from Japan and Europe. Such as the air cylinder supplied by “PneuWerke” from Switzerland, the valve and air service unit supplied by “Bosch Rexroth” from Germany, the pressure regulator supplied by “NORGREN” from England ,the PLC supplied by “Panasonic” from Japan and so on.
13.      The printing action is driven by the advanced digital controlled AC motor (CPG brand, 200W) that from Taiwan and the” Panasonic” frequency inverter. Running on the double parallel high precision Linear Motion Guide (“Bosch Rexroth”, Germany), together with the timing belt from Israel and the synchronizing wheel from Germany ensure the smooth movement.
14.      It is equipped with the protection safety device, ensured the workers’ safety operation.

Max. printing size
600×800 mm (Standard printing mode)
Max. printing size
600×610 mm(Multiple printing mode)
Max. frame size
900×1200 mm
Table size
700×1000 mm
Mechanical speed
Stock thickness
0~30 mm
X,Y and Z adjustment
+/- 10 mm
Mechanical repeatability
+/- 0.01mm
Manifold air pressure
Air consumption(approx.)
3P 380V/50Hz
3.5 kw
Net weight(approx.)

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